KIND Stories šŸ’™

Kind Stories.. Sharing a series of stories that have brought connectivity and kindness through our KIND Bracelet sets.


Best Friends | Karis & Angie

Karis chose her best friend, Angie, to sendĀ her otherĀ KIND bracelet,Ā to celebrate the launch of her small Australian/Greek inspired label. In these difficult times she wanted to lift her spirits.Ā 

First thing to do togetherĀ once isolation is over? Catch up over coffee by the beach and enjoy the sunshine


BirthdayĀ Friends | Anna & Sam

Anna's close friend, Sam received the other half of her KIND Bracelet set. With 25 years of friendship she gave Sam the bracelet to remember their (40th!!) birthdays that occured in April.Ā Ā 

First thing to do together onceĀ isolation is over?Ā They are looking forward to the biggest hug!Ā 

(How sweet is the card Sam made for Anna šŸ˜Š)


AURA Studios. KIND Bracelets.

Very warming to see these bracelets bring a smile in this time.




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