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About AURA Studios

AURA Studios purpose is to re-establish the lost connection we have towards clothing in order to slow fashion and reduce our impact on the environment, we do this by creating high quality, eco-conscious, timeless and well-designed pieces.

Aura Studios Flow Headscarf, naturally indigo dyed with handcrafted silver closure.


Environment.             Responsibility to the planet

Sustainability.            Utlising the best materials we can to have a gentle impact on the planet.

Longevity.                  Focusing on quality and Design in order to increasing the longevity of a garment.

Impact.                     Acknowledging for every action there is a reaction, keeping aware of our impact at every stage.

Change.                   Shift towards the slowing of fashion

Open-mindedness.     Breaking down traditions and structures. 

Reducing waste.        Whether is be plastic waste or utilising resources to save from being discarded.


AURA Studios. Release 01. Made in Sydney, Australia.



At AURA Studios we choose natural fibres such as hemp, cotton and linen as they are gentle on the planet and comfortable to wear. We love to utilise resources that are already present in the industry, such as deadstock fabrics which are fabric with their initial purpose had fallen through. We see deadstock fabrics as an opportunity to use something existing that has already used precious energy and material to make.


As we all know, plastics are detrimental to the environment. This is why we source buttons made from seed and use biodegradable elastic. We look at every element and consider how we can find an alternative that keeps our environmental impact low.


AURA Studios wants to help reduce the impact on the environment by increasing the lifetime and uses of garments in your wardrobe. We ensure the lifetime of a garment is long through the exceptional quality, versatility and the timeless design.


We implement craft through natural dye and silverwork, which we do in our local studio. Natural dye is a great resource to be utilised as it often comes from natural items in our everyday life such as tea. Capturing tea as a resource before it goes to waste then extracting another use extends its useful life of the resource. We value the process of creating and make silver earrings that play on organic forms and shapes.