About AURA Studios

AURA Studios is an exploration of shape and placement, through fashion and jewellery. We create quality, sustainable and timeless pieces.

All made locally in the Sydney Studio. Designer Hannah, handcrafts the silver jewellery and makes the garments in her studio.

Our process involves experimenting with shapes and draping, whilst challenging traditions and design.

Our values are; craftsmanship, sustainable, locally made, natural, timeless design and quality & longevity.

Aura Studios Flow Headscarf, naturally indigo dyed with handcrafted silver closure.


Craftsmanship.            Importance of the process.

Natural.                     Utilising natural materials. Connection to the earth.

Timeless Design.            Innovating through design.

Locally Made.               Supporting locally. Harnessing local skills

Sustainable.                  Responsibility to the planet  

Quality + Longevity.       Delivering quality timeless pieces.  


AURA Studios. Release 01. Made in Sydney, Australia.


Environment.               Responsibility to the planet.

Longevity.                   Focusing on quality and Design in order to increasing the longevity of a garment.

Impact.                       Acknowledging for every action there is a reaction, aware of our impact at every stage.

Reducing waste.          Whether it be minimising plastic waste or utilising resources to save from being discarded.

Change.                     Shift towards the slowing of fashion

Locally made.              Supporting our local industries.