How to Shop Sustainably this Christmas: 3 easy tips to find thoughtful gifts with a lighter impact on the environment..

1. Choose Locally Made items

2. Check they are made from Natural materials

3. Choose Quality to ensure longevity


Locally Made

1. Firstly check where the item is made, always choose locally made where possible - if it is not displayed then check with the brand. 

2. Choosing locally made means less distance the item takes to get to you, you save time and CO2 emission. 

3. Support local creatives and makers.

4. Buying local means you are most likely supporting a network of local businesses - If a business has strong values in locally made they are likely to choose local business for their supplies and operations.

5. Locally made and the handmade is more special and unique.

A decision to support local can be very powerful in supporting a chain of local businesses.



Natural Materials

1. Choose natural materials to have a lighter impact on the environment.

2. Search for plastic-free and chemical-free alternatives à ie wood, organic, cotton, hemp.

Natural materials are better for you and better for the planet.




1. Always choose quality.

2. Good quality means an item will last longer and will need to be replaced less. This means less waste, less pollution and less wasted money spent.

3. Choosing quality is supporting the talents of skilled people.

Good quality leads to establishing a thoughtful connection with the item and creates greater memories.



Happy gifting!

AURA Studios 


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