AURA @ Home ✨ with Jade

I met with Jade and we chatted all things style and Sustainable Fashion. Also see how she styles her AURA pieces.


AURA Studios at Home with Jade 

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Structured/tailored, bold patterns, relaxed.


What do you look for when finding clothes?

I used to want something new but now I am conscious of curating my wardrobe. I want longevity therefore I look for quality pieces. I spend more time thinking about what I want to purchase and making sure it will add to my wardrobe. I also want clothing to reflect my personal style and who I am, not just have something for the sake of it.


What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

To me Sustainable Fashion is having quality clothing that I can keep, build upon and not turnover every season. Even if that’s something in a few years isn’t for me they can be passed on and maintain their colour and quality so someone else can love them. I prefer to spend more and have less to ensure I have quality pieces to love.


AURA Studios Jade Angle Top

Look 1 - ANGLE Top – Styled with her go-to black denim jeans, perfect for running around after her kids and Pablo (the fur baby).

AURA Studios Jade Shape Hoops

Look 2 - SHAPE HOOPS | Silver - Paired with her favourite denim shirt and a lippy for a quick polished look.


AURA Studios Jade SPECKLE Jumper

Look 3 – SPECKLE Jumper – Paired with her black jeans and comfy boots, ready for the whatever the day will bring.


Which is your favourite look?


AURA Studios


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