How to ✨ Zen your way through lockdown - 3 ideas all free!

AURA Studios How to: Zen your way through lockdown


1. Mind Zen ✨ Insight Timer 

The Insight Timer app helps to zone out and create an aura of calm. There are a range of music, stories, mindfulness and meditation. Don't worry if you can't meditate, I don't think I can properly either yet but it has so many great tracks to zone out and have some zen time. This app helped me so much last year during a 2 week quarantine period, definitely give it a shot!

(or on App store) 


2. Body Zen  Yoga with Adriene

If you haven't heard already, Yoga with Adriene is a great Youtube channel with so many great practices from beginner to intermediate. I love how she give variations for different poses and she really nails minor adjustments you should be focusing on for a better practice. The practices are from 5 minutes perfect for a stretch during lunch. 😀


3. Taste Zen

Possibly the most important of the 3 ideas, I came across this website that has many delicious recipes which have healthy/dietary options. I have tried a couple, let me know if you make any delicious ones!


We have got this Sydney! What is getting you through lockdown?





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