1 year old! Why I created AURA Studios.


1 year old!

Wow we launched a year ago!

Hi! I’m Hannah, designer, creator and maker at AURA Studios. I specialise in Patternmaking, Design, Silverwork and Natural dye. Let me share with you why I launched AURA Studios. 

🔷 AURA Studios is where my skills, values and aesthetics collide. 🔷

It is my expression of self – it is how I can express my ideas, values and creativity using my strongest skills of sewing, pattern-making and jewellery design. There is no other way I can think to explain it other than, it is entirely me!


AURA Studios is an exploration of shape and placement, through fashion and jewellery.

My designs are inspired by my interests and my values influence the way I execute the garments. AURA Studios strives to engage in experimental design, challenge traditions, create quality and timeless pieces, whilst ensuring a light impact on the environment.


🔹 Interests 🔹

I am continually inspired by the Bauhaus movement and the value in craftsmanship.

The Bauhaus was founded in 1919 initially an art school set to combined fine arts with arts and craft, which developed into its own modern art movement. It is renowned for its unique aesthetic and influence on modern and contemporary art.

I am fascinated by the Bauhaus masters, art, photography, architecture and cross of disciplines. I love the concept of considering the placement of elements and the relationship between them. Whilst researching the Bauhaus Masters in my Honours I absorbed and interpreted their methodologies, from this study I was able to determine my own set of rules when designing. My process is full of experimentation and considering shape and placement through drape, collage and sketching.

I am also intrigued by craftsmanship, there is a real connection between handcrafted pieces and how one values a piece. The value reflects what feelings it brings you, how you care for it, what love and memories a piece might awaken. This aspect can reignite the loss of connection we have towards clothing, and help us cherish items for longevity.


🔹 Values 🔹

AURA Studios is continually driven by my values. The brand values stem from my personal values of reducing waste and reducing impact on the environment. At every decision I always research to find the most sustainable option that is in my reach as a small business. Because why not! There are so many great options and with a little research it is possible to reduce plastic waste, reduce carbon emissions and make a better decision for the planet.

Further I focus on:

💙 Sustainable fabrics

💙 Locally made

💙 Timeless design

💙 Quality & Longevity

💙 Sustainable packaging & reducing waste in the process.


After explain all of this I guess I should explain why AURA?

I am all for experiences, I wanted to choose a word to encapsulate all of the energies one would feel when wearing a piece. The energy of AURA Studios is care, value, calmness, inspiration and connection.




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